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Moon Angel Review

Reviewed: 2005-03-23
Quick site rank and complete review of Moon Angel | Categories: Legal Teens, Amateur, Asian, Babes, Ethnic

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silver rank
Our Rating: 86/100

Quality of Content: 22/25

Purchase Value: 20/20

Leased/Own Content: 15/15

Update Frequency: 7/10

Content Variety: 8/10

Tour Promises/Reality: 5/5

Originality: 6/10

Navigation: 3/5

Images: yes

Live Shows / Chat: no

Streaming Video: yes

Downloadable Video: yes

User Rating For MoonAngel

User Rating: 58/100 - based on 308 votes.

Price & Payment Options

1 Month


Standard price: $19.95 (30 days, recurring at $19.95 / 30 days)

Tour Promises

Exclusive and non-exclusive pictures and videos featuring hot asian babes in softcore and hardcore action.

My Opinion About MoonAngel

I'm in the mood for something oriental and exotic once again, that's why I picked an Asian site for review today :-) MoonAngel.Com is an all Asian site, that really looks promising, showing us a lot of hot Asian chicks right on the tour pages. Using a friendly system, Moon Angel let's us peek a bit inside of the members area, but once you want to get to the full size pictures, well you gotta pay. Nevermind, I got a user/pass combination so let me log-in.

Once in the members area, one can immediately tell that this site is huge! There are so many galleries to choose from, that it gotta keep you busy for many days to come. Sorted by certain categories, you can browse the pictures and videos and download what you like. Like on any huge site, they have both their own (exclusive) and bought content on offer - in picture and video format. Having also exclusive stuff is certainly a good idea, makes them a bit different from the other asian sites.

Let me start with the pictures - according to the site owners, there are 1678 photo sets on the site, which I'm not going to argue with. Some of the sets are small, like 15 or 20 pics per set, while many others contain several hundreds of pics. One way or another, there is a ton of pics to check out. Quality wise, these pics are very good, with many being excellent. Their sizes range from about 800*600 up to 1280*900. The site is online for quite a few years, so obviously the older pics are not as good as the new ones, but that is to be expected. All picture sets can be downloaded in handy zip files, which is a neat feature.

The video section is not as huge as the picture area, but still maintains a very solid collection of 540 video clips. 540 seems like a huge number, but a clip is not always a full scene. As with the pics, some scenes are just a few minutes long, while other are playing for 20 or 30 minutes. The same goes for their quality, the older clips are not as good, but the new ones are excellent quality WMV's encoded at up to 1400 Kbit/s. Some of the clips are also offered in Mpeg format, but not all of them. The good thing is, you can download all of these videos and watch them as often as you wish.

Wondering about their models? They have many hot asian babes, many that you could easily fall in love with. On the other hand, there are many average looking girls. To me it looks like a real sample from Asian population, which is excellent in my opinion. Who wants to look at perfect flawless girls all the time, we need a bit of reality as well. Perfect or natural, whichever type you prefer, you'll get to see these women in both softcore and hardcore action, both in picture and hardcore format. To keep the variety factor high, there is a good portion of ligther fetishes, masturbation and lesbian scenes, blowjobs and classic hardcore scenes. Basically, they have something for every asian girls fan.

The update frequency is not constant, some months they add a lot of stuff on one day, the next month they update with one set almost every day. For me, the update frequency was good enough. To see the newest stuff, you can use their update list for this and the past months. Bonus content covers a few "ethnic" picture galleries plus a handy newsgroups search engine, giving you access to a ton of random porn pics.

Final Verdict

MoonAngel.Com is a very good Asian site that I liked reviewing. Compared to other good Asian sites, this one offers more variety and a more real sample of Asian population. They also have more hardcore than the other Asian sites. On the other hand, there are some softcore Asian sites that have better quality content and better looking models. So it comes down to your personal preference - in case you are looking for both super models and average looking girls and want a lot of hardcore, you should join this site. For those who are looking only after the best looking models and can take more softcore material, check out some other site, for example Asian4You.

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Sample Pictures

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2010-05-11The Best Porn79

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User Comments

2015 Jan 27, 20:49, sc

2014 Apr 23, 23:28, south bay
Girls are mighty hot on this site.

2013 Dec 05, 08:38, England
The girls at moonangel are very sexy and attractive

2012 Mar 26, 21:33, none
i counted hundreds of models and hundreds of pics and videos when was
on this site it was enough to keep me busy for the few weeks I was there. The image quality was fine but the video quality could have been much better. I suggest that they work harder on getting better videos on their site at better HD quality, and no more modeling videos they are so boring.

2012 Mar 23, 18:30, lake forest
Its a decent site with many models, but on the expensive side and no zip files for some sets.

2012 Mar 20, 17:35, plano, tx
moonangel has lots of photos, some are older but there are quite a few new ones too.
When I was there they updated about once every day or so There is such a big collection
that I never really got bored viewing there A good number of exclusive photos permeate
the site and are pretty easy to locate. I was really I'mpressed by the amount of content I
found personally. The photos were large and pretty nice looking on my screen. I didn't
notice any ZIP files though for the exclusive content which was a real bummer but I am
still happy with the cute and sexy girls I found, most notable of which was Irene Fah who
had a very nice pair of teasers.

2012 Mar 20, 05:04, somewhere

Cons- Like "someguy" stated all the facts about Yes everything he said was the truth to this ugly website. Yes they have lots of beautiful asian girls,but what's the point of joining this website only to get your account deactivated after MANUALLY right clicking and saving the pictures (approx 30 images). Then there comes the email stating they detected robot downloading from your account ! After i received this email i contacted the webmaster only to get attitude from him saying we detected your account using robot downloading bla bla bla. Asking me to never visit their website ever. Pfft like i would care after getting this kind of response from him. I asked him for hard evidence detecting me using robot downloading, guess what ? He could not provide ANY ! Just showing me what images i downloaded off their website , does this even count as hard evidence me using robot downloading ? Shut down your website when you can't even handle proper things like providing evidence me using robot downloading.

Conclusion: DO NOT i repeat , DO NOT join this website only to get your account deactivated by downloading a few images. Simply wasting your hard earned money. Join other websites as they provide better customer service and will not deactivate your account by mass downloading YOURSELF and not robot downloading.


2010 Apr 02, 14:59, bkk
never before.but i would like to see the new experince.

2008 Oct 20, 17:08, world
I am crazy about Mitzi

2008 Aug 02, 10:10, UK
This site has some fantastic girls and high quality pictures.
However, most of their own exclusive content does not have zip files, which is a definite minus point for me.

2008 Apr 16, 00:17, Thailand
very good

2008 Apr 12, 07:28, 25331006
hello i love you

2007 Aug 19, 23:12, ina
wow.... i want see one more time

2005 Apr 13, 06:26, indonesia
the angel is beutiful.

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